Victory Nurture Group

Welcome to Victory Class.

In our class we have Mrs Harvey, Miss Dycer and Mrs Calway . In Victory we base our practice on the principles of nurture, embedding social development and wellbeing in all areas of our learning. Our classroom is a safe environment for boys to develop confidence in their learning abilities. We focus on play-based learning which combines child-led play activities such as imaginative play and adult directed play such as board games. Adult directed play can involve activities set up by an adult with a specific learning intention and guidance for the development of play with individual pupil targets in mind.

We are learning

Our new topic is called ‘Animal Antics’. We will be looking at all things animals!

In English we will be using the book ‘The Mixed-Up Chameleon’ by Eric Carle. From this we will be taking part in some acting, story planning and learning about adjectives. Using these adjectives, we will be able to start describing all the amazing animals that are discovered over the course of the term.

To begin working scientifically there will be a focus on using the correct terms for identifying animals by type and features. Also looking at diets of different animals and how they can be categorised.

In Art we will be exploring colour and texture to create animal pieces. Then towards the end of term we will move to Easter craft making. Alongside, in RE, the Easter story will be studied.

In this topic our first ‘big trip’ will be taking place. To support and embed our learning in school. A class visit to Noah’s Ark Zoo Farm will be happening towards the end of March. Further details on this to follow.


Victory Nurture Group Victory Nurture Group

Important Information

If you have a safeguarding or child protection concern, please contact the Designated Safeguarding Lead, Dr Neil Fortune, or 01963 33234