Our Staff Team

The school has a dedicated staff team.

Headteacher: Mr Danny Kitts

Senior Staff

  • SENCo/Head of Pupil Support: Dr N Fortune
  • Head of Personal Development: Mr R Teasdale
  • Head of Welfare: Mrs Y MacCallum
  • Head of Teaching, Learning and Curriculum: Mrs S Sellick
  • Matron: Mrs L Simpson

Support Staff

  • Matron: Mrs L Simpson
  • Finance and ICT Manager: Mr G Paul
  • Operations Manager: Ms D Jones
  • Teacher of Computing / IT Technician: Mr S Hayes
  • Receptionist: Miss C Guppy


  • Mrs L Bartley
  • Mr D Beckley  
  • Mr M Coombes
  • Ms E Fletcher
  • Sr S Gamez
  • Ms T Loader
  • Ms B Toomey
  • Mrs P Tavenner 
  • Mr N Trivett
  • Mrs S Woolley 

Pupil Support

  • Miss L Alford
  • Miss P Ball
  • Miss M Bailey
  • Mr G Barrett
  • Mrs D Brock
  • Mrs A Calway
  • Miss F Carey
  • Mr D Civale
  • Mrs M Cock
  • Mr M Cole
  • Ms J Derrick
  • Miss G Dycer
  • Mrs L Essex
  • Mrs G Garner 
  • Miss V Hamblin
  • Mrs A Harvey
  • Mr S Hawker
  • Miss K Hoare
  • Mr N Jenkins
  • Mrs A Lewis                   
  • Mrs K Leydon
  • Mrs D Palmer                          
  • Mrs L Robinson
  • Miss L Shearman                      
  • Miss C Tynan
  • Mrs T Walton
  • Mr J Veal
  • Miss L Warman
  • Mr H Watkins
  • Mrs L Welch

Catering, Housekeeping and Premises Staff

  • Mrs C Card
  • Mrs L Campbell
  • Mrs P Clarke
  • Mrs C Cluett
  • Mrs L Coles
  • Mr G Davies
  • Mrs L Frapple
  • Mrs N Furmage
  • Mrs J Holloway
  • Mr P Holloway
  • Mrs M King

Important Information

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