Titan Class

Welcome to Titan class with Mrs Harvey (Teacher) and Miss Warman (Teaching Assistant). We are a smaller class that aims to meet the identified and specific needs of the boys. By providing a small and close-knit working space we are able to deliver the aims of a nurture curriculum. With this approach, we are able to enhance our learning, relationships and social skills through group work, directed play sessions and social thinking activities. Equally, time to work independently is encourage to support the development of self-esteem. 

Across the year, we will look at six different learning experiences (topics) from the UKS2 curriculum. These are accessed on a cross-curricular basis to allow the relationship between subjects to flow. 


We are learning: Autumn Term

During the second half of the autumn term, our learning focus will be based on the topic ‘Robots’. We will be finding out about the origins of robots, discovering how they work and considering their use in everyday life and how they aid humans. We will also be creating our own robotic mechanisms.

In English, we will be delving into the world of ‘The Lost Thing’ by Shaun Tan. We will look at the use of all word classes in the story and how effective these are. There will be a focus on writing persuasively through the use of questions, commands, statements and exclamations. Building on all of this, we will create our own story ending for the ‘The Lost Thing.’

In Science, we will learning about light, how it travels and how we are able to see light. We will also be investigating circuits and constructing our own.

In Art, we will be looking into the work of Eric Joyner, who used robots as the main theme of his work. We will build and create, using junk modelling, our own robot structure. Closer to Christmas, we will enjoy some festive craft.


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