At the Marchant-Holliday school we aim to interest and inspire our pupils with a love of music. Lessons are designed to be fun and accessible but challenge pupils to develop. We aim to build confidence, encourage pupils to take risks and immerse themselves in musical culture.
To help gain an appreciation of different styles and traditions pupils will listen, sing, play, compose and analyse a great variety of music. We teach using a wide range of musical styles from our own and other cultures. When listening to, singing and describing music the pupils will also develop their own emotional literacy and their awareness of feelings and emotions.

Technical vocabulary such as; volume (dynamics), pitch, pulse chords and rhythm are taught, developing their musical language. As their talents grow, their self-confidence increases and enables them to take more risks with creativity and develop their critical engagement with the subject.
​Each class at The Marchant-Holliday school has a weekly music lesson with the music specialist. Within these lessons pupils listen to examples and watch demonstrations as well as do practical tasks. They learn how to play a variety of instruments including; strings, percussion and keyboards. In doing so they appreciate the different ways of creating sound as well as read basic music notation from colour coded scores. They explore creative music making including through the use of Garage Band on the iPads.