Eclipse Class

Welcome to our class. The adults who support our learning are Mrs Woolley (Teacher), Mrs Robinson and Mrs Garner (Teaching Assistants).

We are very lucky to have a beautiful building set in its own garden. Our learning environment is key and access to the quiet outdoor area for collaborative play or calming activities helps us feel secure. In Eclipse, we continue the Nurture Principles that are embedded in the boy's routine in Victory Class. We develop our social skills through play-based learning, team building activities and social activities such as elevenses.

In Eclipse, we know that it's great to make mistakes! We do our best learning when we feel safe to try new things and explore new concepts. We access the curriculum through a range of Learning Experiences which help us get excited about our learning.

We like to explore concepts through a range of activities and often have access to practical learning. To consolidate our learning, we will go on class trips linked to our Learning Experiences. These help us to immerse ourselves in the topic as well as develop our social skills in a variety of settings.  

We are Learning

This term, our Learning Experience, ‘Around the World’, will take us to new and exciting places! Our learning will have a geography focus and we will be using our map skills to compare the culture and features of three main countries: the UK, France and Brazil.

Our Science lessons will be based on sound; how it travels, changes and impacts our lives. We will have lots of practical experiments which will help to build our knowledge on this topic.

Writing Letters will be our focus in English this term. As well as learning about the key features of a letter, we will be getting creative and, using the text ‘Dear Teacher as inspiration, we will be writing our own letters with fantasy excuses for being absent from school. 

In the lead up to Christmas, our RE will give us an opportunity to compare festive celebrations. We will look into the Hindu festival of light: Diwali and explore its similarities to the Christian festivities.  


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