Challenger Class

Welcome to Challenger class. Challenger’s teacher this year is Mr Watkins with support from Miss Shearman and Miss Rigby.

Through encouraging each member of the class to ask questions and challenge themselves, we strive to create an environment in which we can all learn from each other, instil confidence and the willingness to learn and to be proud of our achievements.

Within the class we utilise a combination of discussion based activities and physical learning to strengthen our understanding before engaging in independent and paired tasks. We are constantly approaching each task with a growth mind-set to be ready to face new and exciting challenges in a safe and supportive classroom.

We are learning

This term Challenger will be learning all about the Mayan civilisation. Throughout this topic we will be looking into the Mayan culture and what daily life would have looked like from 1500 BCE all the way through to 900 CE. Diving into what early life would have been like for Mayan children as well as looking into their religious beliefs, the afterlife and the many gods that Mayans worshipped. We will also be looking at Mayan settlements, the materials that would have been available and how these were used not only for construction purposes but also how they were used to create music and other forms of art.

Using our knowledge of the materials available during the Mayan era we will look into the cultivation of plants for food, thinking about what plants needs in order to grow and how we can use this to design and create our very own floating garden.

Within our art lessons, we will use our understanding and observations of Mayan art and craft to develop drawings inspired by the designs used in Mayan culture as well as develop our 3D art skills through the medium of sculpture to create Mayan-inspired masks.

Challenger Class Challenger Class

Important Information

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