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In Invincible, we know that it is okay to go beyond our comfort zones when it comes to learning. We understand that everybody makes mistakes and they can be opportunities to learn more. We understand that it can be scary going outside our comfort zones so we support and encourage each other as best we can.

Not everybody learns in the same way so we like to use a variety of different methods and materials to help us learn together. Sometimes, we might use technology to see what Ancient Egypt may have looked like. At other times, we might be digging through sand to discover how the archaeologists discovered what we know about Ancient Egypt and consider how they may have felt when they uncovered those secrets. 

We believe in making the most of opportunities to work with specialist teachers and welcome time spent with specialists in music, horse-riding, PE and swimming. We also use trips as a brilliant way to experience what we have been learning about and really bring it to life.   


We are Learning

This half term we will be learning all about the Roman’s.  In Geography, we will be looking at the impact the Romans had on Britain and the human features they brought with them. We will be using our map skills to find some of the different settlements the Roman’s had in Britain. We will be learning about the significance of Hadrian’s Wall and understanding what the Roman Baths were and learn about the different amenities they contained.

In History, we will be discussing the beginning of the Roman Empire and looking at the events building up to the Roman conquest of Britain.  We will investigate some of the reasons why the Roman invasion was successful.  Our focus will then take us to learning about the story of Boudicca and compare the lives of the Romans with modern day living.

In English, this term we will be writing a non-chronological report.  We will be looking at fiction and non-fiction texts and recognising the features of report writing.  We will look at different points of view and how to get our own points across successfully in our writing and developing skills to ensure we can distinguish between facts and opinions.

In PSHE our topic this term is ‘Relationships’ we will be looking at the different types of relationship we have with our friends and family.  The different emotions that relationships can evoke and how to repair friendships when things go wrong.

Invincible Class Invincible Class

Important Information

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