Discovery Class

Welcome to our class! In Discovery, we continue the Nurture Principles that are embedded in the boy's routine in Victory and Eclipse. We develop our social skills through play-based learning, team building activities and social activities such as circle-time. We are all proud to be members of Team Discovery.

The staff who work in our class are Ms Loader (Teacher), Miss Hamblin and Mrs Leydon (Teaching Assistants). As a team we learn to work collaboratively by solving problems, sharing ideas, supporting each other and having open discussions with the teaching staff. 

In Discovery, we know that it's great to make mistakes! We do our best learning when we feel safe to try new things and explore new concepts. We access the curriculum through a range of learning experiences which help us get excited about our learning. Some of our Learning Experiences include 'A Drop in the Ocean'; 'Roll out The Romans' and 'Around the World in 80 Days'. We use a range of strategies to support our learning including visual aids (such as timetables and symbol-assisted signs) and kinaesthetic activities.


We are learning: Autumn Term 2


This term, our Learning Experience, ‘Around the World’, will take us to new and exciting places! The focus will be on Geography where we will be developing our map skills and comparing three different countries. In these lessons, we will be linking the text we are using for English to identify continents and countries.  We will be focusing on the UK, Brazil and France- finding similarities and differences in their physical and human geography and the cultures of the countries. 

Our English lessons will be based on a text by the author Amy Husband. ‘Dear Teacher’ is about a school pupil called Michael who writes a collection of imaginative letters to his teacher explaining why he is absent from school. These imaginative adventures take him all around the world. Our focus this term will be on letter writing and producing our own creative letter explaining why we can’t attend school. To achieve this we will be learning about the features of a letter and investigating the difference between formal and informal writing.

In Science, we will be learning about sound; how it travels, how it changes and how it has an impact on our lives. We will be experimenting with sound, the materials that absorb sound and making musical instruments out of some edible products! We will also be having a visit from the School of Noise where we will be exploring the science of sound, playing on unusual instruments such as the Theremin, composing experimental sound art and having an opportunity to Foley.

Our aim is to provide creative and imaginative activities using sound in accessible, fun and educational ways.

Discovery Class Discovery Class Discovery Class