Endeavour Class

Welcome to Endeavour class. In our class we have Snr Gamez, Miss Norris and Mr Fletcher. It is part of our class ethos to work hard and, to the best of our ability, respect classroom staff and peers. As a class, we strive to persevere and try new things to support us to become happy, confident and caring members of our community.

We are learning

During this terms learning experience, we will be learning about the Maya civilisation, which extended from what is now South East Mexico through Central America. In history lessons, we will learn about their different achievements, how they lived, what they ate and the different Gods that they followed. We will discover how the Maya transported building materials and what their settlements looked like.

We will consider the geographical features of the Mesoamerica area and make comparisons with the UK. We will use various sources of information to compare the human features such as highland and lowland settlements with the towns and villages of the UK.

In English, we will be using the story ‘The Rain Player’ about the ancient game of Pok-ta-Tok. We will use the story to help the pupils develop their grammar skills and secure their knowledge of the technical aspects of writing.

During Art our focus will be animals, creating sculptures and paintings forms and geometrical patterns.

This term’s topic in PSHE is all about relationships. We will identify positive personal qualities in ourselves and others and learn ways to take care of our mental health.

Endeavour Class Endeavour Class

Important Information

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