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Why Does My Child Struggle to Eat Different Food?

As children develop, they like to discover the world around them for themselves and show their independence. One way they can do this is by refusing to eat the food we put in front of them.

Children with neurodiverse conditions often have fixed ideas regarding food. They may not like certain smells, tastes and textures or the way in which food is presented on the plate.

Children can change their food likes and dislikes from day to day.

At the Marchant-Holliday School, we recognise that some of our pupils struggle with food and meal times. They may experience sensory issues with food, dislike the noisy environment or the clatter of plates. We support them through the meal choices offered and by modelling positive eating behaviours.

Please see our menus for further information and the guide, listed below, to help support mealtimes at home.

Important Information

If you have a safeguarding or child protection concern, please contact the Designated Safeguarding Lead, Dr Neil Fortune, or 01963 33234