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Learning Experience: Roman Baths 28 April 2022

Learning Experience: Roman Baths 28 April 2022 28 April 2022

During the first week back to school, to kick start the new topic ‘Roll out the Romans’ Discovery, Invincible and Eclipse classes headed off to Bath to visit ‘The Roman Baths’.  It was a fantastic trip where we got to learn lots of things about the Romans. Did you know that they were very particular about keeping themselves clean? They introduced cleanliness to the British, who weren’t a very clean bunch!

Walking around the Baths, we were all given our own audio device, which looked a bit like an old fashioned mobile phone.  It even had the famous children’s author Michael Rosen telling us about the Baths.  We had to find different numbers in orange squares to find out facts and information about the different areas.  We learnt so much!  We even met a servant from Roman times who explained to us about her job. 

 “I really liked having my mobile phone that told me stuff.” said H

“It was really interesting.” Said F

“I learnt over 70 things today!” said B

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