OWL School

We have developed our own version of Forest School called OWL School (Outside We Learn)

We have extended this provision to provide a range of rich learning experiences for individual pupils and class groups to participate in using different areas of the school site. Out outdoor learning activities consist of weekly sessions where pupils learn new skills, undertake craft based activities, engage with teamwork challenges or take part in personal development tasks. Owl school sessions are carefully designed to help students deepen their understanding of the world around them and acquire new practical skills in our woodland, garden and quarry environments. OWL school provides children with invaluable opportunities to take part in learning activities in a wider school setting. Activities are planned in partnership with the Class Teams and the OWL school staff ensure that pupil's individual learning needs are met and the degree of the challenge is set accordingly.

Our extensive school site within the Somerset countryside means we have a have a range of outdoor places where these tasks can be offered. We have expanded our areas to offer a new area in the Triangle Wood and created new benches for groups to use. We have also invested in some new sun shades and rain covers to enable us to continue with these tasks even when the weather turns more autumnal. Upgrades to our Outdoor Classroom will enable us to teach sessions on rainy days too.

Important Information

If you have a safeguarding or child protection concern, please contact the Designated Safeguarding Lead, Dr Neil Fortune, n.fortune@marchant-holliday.co.uk or 01963 33234