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Fossil Hunting on Charmouth Beach 11 October 2022

Fossil Hunting on Charmouth Beach 11 October 2022 11 October 2022

Invincible, Discovery and Eclipse had a fantastic day at Charmouth on Tuesday. Despite a chilly start, the sun soon raised the temperature. By mid-morning, we had brilliant weather for learning about fossils at the Charmouth Heritage Coast Centre and when the staff and volunteers took us on to the beach to search through the pebbles and rocks. We found pieces of beef rock, calcite and pyrite with ammonite and belemnite fossils in them. We also found pieces of sea glass and pottery, which we were told came from a Victorian rubbish dump which had been on top of the cliffs and erosion had caused some of it to fall in to the sea.

"I liked finding the big fossils"  KW
"I liked finding the fossils because they were left there from dinosaur times" CJ
"I liked finding the markings in the stones" CC
"I liked looking for new things" JW
"I liked that when we found the fossils we got to take them home" MI


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