Victory Class

We are proud to be members of Team Victory. The adults who work in our class are Miss Toomey (Teacher), Mrs Robinson, Miss Hawkins and Mrs Wale (Teaching Assistants).  

Our classroom is in Pool House where we are lucky enough to have an entire Nurture Suite! In the suite we have a classroom - with home corner, role play area and learning zones -, our own kitchen, art area, dining room and quiet space. We also have our own garden where we’ve dug our own vegetable patch and planted flower beds. Finally, our outdoor learning zone (complete with mud kitchen, challenge and construction areas) provides us with the opportunity to immerse ourselves in play, collaborate with friends on challenges and work with adults to develop our social skills. Sometimes, we even get to watch wild rabbits playing around our pond from our classroom. Through play and exploration we are able to develop our understanding of the world around us and develop our critical thinking skills.

Each half term we are introduced to a new learning experience, or topic, so our learning is themed for a period of time. This helps us to become immersed in our learning and settles any worries we may have about what we might have to learn. Some of our Learning Experiences include "Dungeons and Dragons", "Predators and Prey" and "Out of Africa". We use a range of strategies to support our learning including visual aids (such as timetables and symbol-assisted signs) and kinaesthetic activities.

Victory class is a nurture class which helps us develop socially and emotionally through our hands on learning and play- based activities. As a team, we learn to work well together; solving problems, developing our knowledge across the curriculum, sharing resources and becoming more resilient. Hoping to be in the challenge zone, we learn to persevere with tasks and know that it’s great to make a mistake! In Victory, we include everybody in our happy, safe classroom! We do our best learning when we feel safe to try new things with a smile on our faces.


We are learning: Summer Term 2

Welcome back! This half term we will be learning all about the history and geography of the seaside. In History, pupils will focus on comparing the seaside of today to the seaside of the Victorian era. We will be looking at the different ways they would have travelled to the beach, the different clothing and the different entertainment. In our Geography lessons, we will be exploring the different types of weather the UK experiences, both now and in the past. We will investigate the human features and physical landscapes around our coastlines and develop our map reading skills.

In Art, we will be using different media to capture the beaches of the world on paper and looking at how different artists portray the coast.

Throughout the learning experience, we will be reading a series of books about a lighthouse keeper by Rhonda and David Armitage. Our focus text will be The Lighthouse Keeper’s Lunch. We will be immersing ourselves in the story by acting it out and using story maps and mountains to help us to retell it.

Victory Class Victory Class Victory Class

Important Information

We look forward to welcoming our pupils back to school on Tuesday 6 September