Invincible Class

Welcome to our class! We are all proud to be members for Team Invincible. The staff who work in our class are Mr Coombes (Teacher), Miss Dycer, Mrs Leydon and Mrs Orchison (Teaching Assistants).

We are very lucky to have a large, central classroom, a small working room off to the side called the raft and a patio to grow plants and play. Our classroom is in front of the large school field so we often get a visit from squirrels, rabbits and a large selection of birds. 

In Invincible, we know that it is okay to go beyond our comfort zones when it comes to learning. We understand that everybody makes mistakes and they can be opportunities to learn more. We understand that it can be scary going outside our comfort zones so we support and encourage each other as best we can.

Not everybody learns in the same way so we like to use a variety of different methods and materials to help us learn together. Sometimes, we might use technology to see what Ancient Egypt may have looked like. At other times, we might be digging through sand to discover how the archaeologists discovered what we know about Ancient Egypt and consider how they may have felt when they uncovered those secrets. 

We believe in making the most of opportunities to work with specialist teachers and welcome time spent with specialists in music, computing, horse-riding, PE and swimming. We also use trips as a brilliant way to experience what we have been learning about and really bring it to life.   


We are Learning Autumn Term 2

This term, in Invincible, we will be learning map reading skills and using geographical enquiry to compare countries. We will explore the UK and compare it to France as another country on the European continent and then change to South America where we will find out more about Brazil.

Our English lessons will be looking at the text ‘Dear Teacher’ by Amy Husband which follows the journey of Michael who is writing letters to his teacher giving excuses for his absence. We will learn about the features of letters before having a go at writing our own.

In Science, inspired by the Brazilian carnival, we will develop our knowledge of sound, how it is made, how it travels, and how we can change the environment around us to change the impact of sounds. We will also have a go at making our very own musical instruments.

In cookery, we will continue our theme of travelling around the world, as we attempt to create some foods inspired by the different continents.


Invincible Class Invincible Class Invincible Class