Explorer Class

Welcome Explorer Class! The staff in class are Mrs Tavenner (Teacher) and Mr Rutland (Teaching Assistant). In Explorer Class, we believe learning should be fun, interactive and child-led. Each half-term we study a new learning experience. This means that all our lessons are cross-curricular and are always centred on the learning experience of the half term. We believe this is the best way for children to learn because it enables them to fully immerse in a topic. We also always have role play area which is created and changed regularly to go alongside learning experience. 

Explorer Class also love to learn outside where we have a sandpit, small world area and growing area. We aim to build children's confidence and give children a love of learning.

Our learning experiences this year are: 'Crime and Punishment'; 'Robots'; 'Can I Fall into Space?'; 'Explorers and Trailblazers'; 'The Maya in The Americas' and 'Planet Earth'. 

We are Learning

Welcome back to Autumn term 2. This half term, we will be learning about robots. We will be starting off the epic topic with a Hook Day where we will be making Scribblebots and Racing brushes! 

In English, we will using the story The Lost Thing by Shaun Tan about a person who finds a robotic looking lost thing on the beach. We will be using the animation of the story to bring the story to life and we will use this to build on our grammar skills. 

Discovering how light travels and about electrical circuits will be be our focus in Science lessons. We will do this using practical investigations to develop our knowledge about these concepts. 

In Art, we will be making our own junk model robots and use robotic themed artwork by painter Eric Joiner to inspire us to make our own robotic themed paintings. 

In Jigsaw (PHSE), our topic is Celebrating Difference. We will be celebrating different cultures and how it is important to be kind to everyone, no matter where they are from.  

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