Explorer Class

Welcome to Explorer Class.

The staff who work in our class are Mrs McDonnell (Teacher), Mr Rutland and Miss Schaub (Teaching Assistants). We work closely together to ensure that our classroom is a calm and supportive place where everyone feels safe to take risks and dive into learning. As explorers, we thrive on curiosity, love asking questions and enjoy working as part of a team to explore solutions to problems.

We have a lovely spacious classroom with different areas for learning either in groups or individually as needed. We also have a small room for individual or paired work or as a place to relax and reset. Our classroom has French doors which open out onto a patio area with a picnic table, planters for growing as well as play tables with water and sand. Beyond this is the playing field, wooden play equipment, swings and trampolines.

In Explorer class, we understand that learning can sometimes be tricky and that it is important to have a positive attitude, keep trying hard and asking for help when we need it. We know that mistakes are all part of the journey to developing progress and that the sense of achievement when we have persevered makes it all worthwhile. We like to celebrate each other’s successes as we make progress in our learning and have a WOW wall to display learning that we are particularly proud of.

We understand that everyone is unique with different strengths and abilities, and we learn in different ways. Because of this, we use a wide variety of different methods and resources including lots of hands-on activities and opportunities for outdoor learning. We also use trips as a brilliant way to embed skills and knowledge and bring our learning journeys to life.

We are Learning

Our Learning Experience for the first half of the Summer Term is ‘Roll Out the Romans’. During this topic, we will be developing our historical and geographical knowledge, exploring how, why and when the Romans came to Britain, learning about how the Romans lived, and discovering what their legacy was. We shall be bringing our topic to life by visiting the Roman Baths, exploring artefacts, and creating our own Roman shields to practice marching in formation. Our DT lessons will include making models of chariots, and learning about axles and chassis to create a moving vehicle.

In Art, we will be exploring and creating mosaics using a range of different materials and techniques. Our English focus is on the difference between fact and fiction and we will be learning how to write non-chronological reports, using our work on the Romans as well as personal topics of interest for inspiration. In RE, we will be continuing to explore the theme of Forgiveness within Christianity as well as returning to look at how the teachings of the Buddha make a difference to how Buddhists choose to live.

Explorer Class Explorer Class

Important Information

If you have a safeguarding or child protection concern, please contact the Designated Safeguarding Lead, Dr Neil Fortune, n.fortune@marchant-holliday.co.uk or 01963 33234