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Welcome Explorer Class! The staff in class are Mrs Harvey (Teacher) and Miss Dycer and Miss Lancaster (Teaching Assistants). In Explorer Class, we believe learning should be fun, interactive and child-led. Each half-term we study a new learning experience. This means that all our lessons are cross-curricular and are always centred on the learning experience of the half term. We believe this is the best way for children to learn because it enables them to fully immerse in a topic. We also always have role play area which is created and changed regularly to go alongside learning experience. 

Explorer Class also love to learn outside where we have a sandpit, small world area and growing area. We aim to build children's confidence and give children a love of learning.

Our learning experiences this year are: 'Crime and Punishment'; 'Robots'; 'Can I Fall into Space?'; 'Explorers and Trailblazers'; 'The Maya in The Americas' and 'Planet Earth'. 

We are Learning - Summer Term 1


At the top of Maya society were the King and Royal family who were believed to be closely linked to the gods. In history lessons, we will learn more about the Mayan culture and the gods they followed. We will consider what life was like for the civilization and learn about how they lived, what their pastimes were and what they ate. One of their traditional games was Pok a Tok. Unlike football or netball, the players were not allowed to use their hands or feet to move the ball so they needed to be very skilled at using their hips, legs and chest. After playing a modern day version of the game, we will write a set of instructions on how to play. ‘The Rain Player’ is a story about the ancient game of Pok a Tok and the text will form the basis of our English lessons.

The Maya lived in Mesoamerica and covered the five modern day countries: Mexico, Guatemala, Belize, Honduras, and El Salvador. We will consider the geographical features of the Mesoamerica area. The Maya built an impressive civilization composed of hundreds of cities, connected by a network of roads that ran through the jungle. We will use the knowledge we gather about the human and physical geography of the region to make comparisons with the UK.

This term’s topic in PSHE is all about relationships. We will identify positive personal qualities in ourselves and others and learn ways in which we can boost our self-esteem and grow in confidence.

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