Challenger Class

Welcome to our class. We are all proud to be members of Team Challenger. The staff who work in our class are Mrs Calway (Teacher), Ms Derrick and Miss Shearman (Teaching Assistants). 

This year we will enjoy six different learning experiences (topics) from the upper key-stage two curriculum. In order to make our learning meaningful, each learning experience is cross-curricular. This allows us to understand the relationship between different subjects and help us to be immersed in the topic. To help us gain knowledge, we use a wide variety of resources, artefacts and hands-on aids to support our learning. We are able to transfer knowledge from one subject to another through the use of topic word banks and visual prompts. We are supported in achieving our individual targets through tailored programmes to meet our specific needs, such as speech and language, social skills and occupational therapy exercises.  

We have the opportunity to enhance our learning and relationships through directed play sessions, social thinking activities and collaborative work.

Our trips and visits programme will help develop our understanding of aspects of the curriculum and social interaction. 


We are learning: Autumn Term

This half term, we are learning all about robots. We will be introducing the topic with a Hook Day where we will be making Robotic Hands and Racing Brushes.

In English, we will be reading the story The Lost Thing by Shaun Tan about a person who finds a robotic looking lost thing on the beach. We will be using the animation of the story to bring the story to life and will use this to build on our grammar skills.

In Science, we will be looking at how light travels and about electrical circuits. We will do this through using practical investigations to develop our knowledge about these concepts.

In Art, we will be making our own junk model robots and using robotic themed artwork by painter Eric Joiner to inspire us to make our own robotic themed paintings.

In Jigsaw (PSHE), our topic is Celebrating Difference. We will be celebrating different cultures and how it is important to be kind to everyone, no matter where they are from.

Challenger Class Challenger Class Challenger Class